Roncesvalles Bridge To Become a Work of Art

A look at the Roncesvalles Bridge Revitalization

The Roncesvalles Pedestrian Bridge will be getting a makeover this summer. The bridge, which is located at the corner of Roncesvalles and Queen, allows pedestrians from Parkdale and Roncesvalles to access the waterfront.

Chicago abstract artist Justus Roe has been assigned to the project, which was initiated by the STEPS Initiative, StreetArtToronto, and the City’s Economic Development and Culture Division and being referred to as the Roncesvalles Bridge Revitalization. Roe was brought in as part of a third-party project that connects artists between geographically similar cities, in this case Toronto and Chicago. The Roncesvalles Bridge also symbolizes both Chicago’s and Toronto’s “shared nature of the waterfront,” accordng to executive director of STEPS Initiative, Alexis Kane Speer.

“The City of Toronto was looking at a couple of different sites, but this is a common thread between the two cities. The city also looks at areas that are often tagged with graffiti and this site has that, so it’s also a solution to stop the tagging,” said Speer.

Earlier this week, members of the public gathered to prep the Roncesvalles Bridge for its transformation.

The STEPS Initiative is known for streamlining multiple murals around the city, including the world’s tallest mural at 200 Wellesley St E., the St. Clair Mural, and the Riverside Pollinators mural. The organization is also currently working on a new project for August 2017 called “Transformations Connected,” which is set to be a mural series under the Gardiner Expressway.

The mural is expected to be completed by July 27. Scroll down to see more STEPS Initiative murals.






Feature photo courtesy STEPS Initiative via Facebook.