Royal Mountain Records announce new anti-racism practices

They've outlined five new initiatives they'll be implementing

Canadian label Royal Mountain Records, who participated in The Show Must Be Paused earlier this week, has shared a pledge to continue addressing racial inequality with five new anti-racism initiatives.

“The eight white people who work at Royal Mountain Records are in no place to say that we have any answers,” the label shared in a statement. “Still, we believe that it is our responsibility to publicly acknowledge our complicity in a system that is deeply broken.”

The label then went on to share five separate initiatives that they will implement to combat racial inequality, including allocating funds to Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood USA with record sales and regular donations, offering paid internship programs for BIPOC individuals, promoting and supporting Black-owned businesses, and “[digging] deeper, [researching] more and [listening] more to artists.”

Read the statement in full below.