Ruby Rose opens up about why she left ‘Batwoman’

'Tt was a lot more difficult because I was still recovering from my surgery'

Fans of The CW’s Batwoman were left stunned back in May when the series lead Ruby Rose announced she was leaving the show, with little explanation as to why. Now, months later, the actress has opened up in an interview with Entertainment Weekly about the reasons why she walked away from the role.

As many observers had initially speculated, Rose’s injury and subsequent recovery while filming the show played a significant role in her decision.

“Being the lead of a superhero show is tough,” Rose said. “Being the lead in anything is tough. But I think, in that particular instance, it was a lot more difficult because I was still recovering from my surgery. I had my surgery and then 10 days later I went to work, which maybe wasn’t the best idea. Most people take about a month or three off before they return to work, so it was definitely made more difficult by that. But as far as being a lead of a show or a film — regardless if it’s action or if it’s emotional — in whichever ways it’s taxing.”

Rose left the show on her own terms, and remains proud of what the show accomplished.

“I think it was actually a beautiful way to do something, especially since that was the first time it’s ever been done — the first time Batwoman has ever been played in live-action and that she was LGBTQ,” Rose added. “I’m very honored to have been able to play her.”

Rose was nothing but positive for Javicia Leslie, who will portray the next Batwoman, to take over the series lead.

“I think that honestly, I was so proud and so happy when I was told who would be replacing me. I’m just really stoked and I’m definitely going to watch the next season as well and see how it all comes together.”