Ruff Ruff Ruff: Born Ruffians Tour Diaries #4

Born Ruffians try not to lose their marbles on tour with Young Rival

Tour makes you insane. And not in the way you’d expect. Maybe you’re thinking you get tired, or depressed, or perpetually hungover, and yeah, sure it’s all those things. But then you hit that real special brand of insane somewhere at the three week mark when you find yourself in the van making a puppet out of a banana. Or maybe you snap back to reality to find yourself and eight other guys driving through the mountains in the dead of night recording ourselves doing “ghost groans” on our phones and replaying it back over the van speakers for us to listen to, staring vacantly out the window. That’s about where we’re at.


The shows themselves have been insane too. The awesome kind. Not the banana puppet kind. Although maybe a few have been that kind too. Since the last video, which was a whole forever ago, we’ve been ripping through the US with Young Rival, from NYC to Texas to Seattle and everything in between. Now we’re back in Canada, so look out for a van of nine men clinging to their final remaining shreds of sanity. Here’s hoping we have fully functioning brains and bodies when we hit Toronto for RUFFRUFFRUFF.

Check our tour diary video in the player above.