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Ruff Ruff Ruff: Born Ruffians Tour Diaries #5

40 days. I sat sitting on my giant rental bass cab alone in a parking lot, waiting for the guys to pick me up with 40 days of shows ahead of us. And now they’re gone. I don’t wanna get overly sentimental here or anything, but if tour does anything to you, it obliterates your emotional compass, so here goes. I can’t say I’ve ever had more fun, more heartache, more indigestion, less sleep, more adrenaline, or more reminders as to why we do this than on this very tour. It rips you to shreds, but when you’re done, you want to start it all over again. You wanna sit back on your bass amp and wait for your buds to pick you up.

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Young Rival are my favourite band. There’s truly no other group of guys we could’ve done this with. You don’t spend this much time with family, with anybody, let alone nine guys in a van, in hotel rooms, in back rooms, in beds. But it made a shocking amount of sense with Aron, Noah and John (and I can’t leave out Robin and Roger, sound guy and camera/merch guy respectively).


I should probably cut out the mushy stuff, but I think my brain is still recovering from six weeks of sitting in a beer marinade.


Up next: Toronto. RUFFRUFFRUFF – three shows we’ve been building towards since the three secret shows we played in Toronto to kick off 2015, and to finalize the structures of the songs that make up RUFF. It’s gonna feel like 40 days of tour crammed into three.

Eat shit, we did it.


(Thanks Indie88 for giving me a space to pull back the curtain on RUFFtour!)





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