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Ruff Ruff Ruff: Born Ruffians Tour Diary #1

“RUFFTOUR IS UPON US. Mitch (bass player/the one with the hair) from Born Ruffians here. Indie88 asked us to cram a week’s worth of tour into a 45 second video (watch it above) once a week until we land back in Toronto in December for RUFFRUFFRUFF, our tour-closing three show series.


We’ve been on the road since September with London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Montreal and more already behind us. Right now we’re in the eye of the tourstorm, polishing the beer off our guitars and catching up with our cool celebrity friends.


But what can you expect from these updates? Typically, a week of tour for us is 7 shows, 7 drives, 7 hotels, 7 hangovers, 7 nights of finding a good spot to hang your sweaty clothes, 7 mornings of wondering if you can squeeze another night out of said sweaty clothes, 7 days of “whats your wifi password”, 7 reminders that going to bed with ringing ears and 4 hours of sleep ahead of you before a 9 hour drive may one day kill you but everything worth doing may do just that (right?), and an infinite amount of dumb jokes in the van (JAMBON JAMBON JAMBON) and people screaming our songs back into our faces that makes us all want to do it again when we get back home.”


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