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Ruff Ruff Ruff: Born Ruffians Tour Diary #2

“EUROPE: 12 show in 12 days. We blitz’d the continent and peaced out. It was a lot of fun, if you can’t tell from the video, which is about 3% shows and 97% us being doofuses.

We flew over the night before our first show and had a day off in Sheffield, where we played mini-golf (or CRAZY golf, as they call it for some insane reason). Playing crazy golf in a novelty pirate ship after flying 8 hours overseas not sleeping because you played Smash Bros DS for the duration of the flight inflicts some serious mental consequences, let me tell you.

Now RUFFtour just hit the US and we’ve got six weeks ahead of us until we land back in Toronto for RUFFRUFFRUFF, where we’ll be a well-oiled touring machine, and also probably pretty obliterated. Y’know, just physically and mentally and emotionally. It’ll make for a great three shows.”

Check their video diary in the player above!

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