Ruff Ruff Ruff: Born Ruffians Tour Diary #3

Young Rival joins Born Ruffians on the road this week

“RUFFtour USA IS UPON US. We’re out clangin’ and bangin’ (The Rock’s words, not mine) on the road with the golden boys of Hamilton, Young Rival, who are predominantly featured in this particular episode. They have the charisma of twenty Dwayne Johnson’s if you smell what I’m cooking.


(Photo by Roger Galvez)

This leg of the tour started a bit weird with two days off in a row in the northeast, so naturally we found our way back to New York to dress up as nine robbers who all made their own masks (mine was so shitty I couldn’t even put it in the video, but maybe I’ll put it here). I expected Halloween in NYC to be pure chaos, but it really just ended up being us nine half-assed robbers drinking and talking exclusively to each other. No new friends.


We’re headed south and soon we’ll lose the toques for speedos, probably. We’ve got a beast of a drive to Baton Rouge tomorrow and we need to be up in four hours so I’m gonna go to bed now. G’night.”

Check the video in the player above!


(Photo by Roger Galvez)



(Photo by Roger Galvez)



(Photo by Roger Galvez)