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Rumoured Apple Update Could Feature ‘Theatre Mode’ for Texting at Movies

Apparently turning your brightness down just isn’t enough. For all you Tommy texters out there, a rumoured iOS update was made just for you.

Movie theatre edict has always consisted of no cell phones. Most decent people at least turn their brightness down and put their notifications on vibrate. But Apple has reportedly decided that people should not have to step off the grid while in the theatre. I mean everyone knows that the cinema has the best selfie lighting especially when the movie is playing.

Who needs to pay for popcorn when you can glance at your popcorn-shaped icon with the rumoured update for free. “Theatre mode” supposedly blocks all incoming calls and notifications while controlling your brightness for you. This will allow “theatre mode” users to text away while the movie is playing. Once the “theatre mode” user has left the cinema their phone will convert back to a fully functioning phone.

Super sneaky or super stupid? Totally a necessity, right?

Image via Sara Robertson/Flickr

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