Ryan Adam’s ‘1989’ Sold Twice More Copies than Taylor Swift This Week

A good week for them both

There’s been an overwhelming amount of praise coming to Ryan Adams for his Taylor Swift interpretation album 1989 since its release just over a week ago.

Reimagining Swift’s pop-produced album as Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, Adams has done the uncanny and shined a light on the pop singer’s songwriting abilities to an older more folk / alternative rock audience. That audience has responded so well to the release that as Showbiz411 reports, his version of the album has outsold Swift’s this week 2-1.

Adams’ version right now sits at the #6 spot on Billboard’s album chart for the week, beating out swift at #11. In addition Adams Spotify streams are near 60,000, beating out Swift by 10,000 plays on Apple Music.

If you haven’t checked out the album, I suggest you do. It might just surprise you (or not). Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(Main image courtesy laura musselman via Flickr)