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Ryan Adams Blasts The Strokes in Fiery Twitter Rant

You may recall a story that emerged in May involving Ryan Adams in The Strokes when an excerpt from Lizzy Goodman’s book Meet Me in the Bathroom first surfaced online. Adams was portrayed as the cause of The Strokes’ guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.’s herion addiction

Interviews with members of The Strokes, including frontman Julian Casablancas and Hammond, entailed stories of the band hanging out with Adams and noted that it was him who introduced Hammond to the drug and it caused a rift between The Strokes.

Well, although Adams previously denied ever giving Hammond a bag of heroin, the singer-songwriter took to Twitter on Monday night to blast The Strokes. The tweets have since been deleted, but Pitchfork managed to snag some screenshots before they vanished.

Adams continued to rip The Strokes, further blasting their songwriting and appearance, and seemingly taking a shot at Casablancas’ body with a remark about him being addicted to lasagna.

Not cool.

Here’s what Hammond said in one of Goodman’s interviews for the oral history piece:

“I remember Julian threatening to beat Ryan [Adams] up if he hung out with me, as a protective thing. He’d heard that Ryan would come and give me heroin, so he was just like, ‘If you come to my apartment again with heroin, I’m going to kick your ass.’ I hadn’t really been doing it in baggie form until Ryan showed up. He was definitely a bad influence.”

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