Ryan Adams (Sarcastically) Goes Off Against Deadmau5 at Gov Ball

Another real instruments vs. computers artist debacle

Ryan Adams does not take kindly to interruptions during his sets (see the Summer of ’69 disaster), and something during his performance at this week’s Governor’s Ball set him off once again.

Playing at the same time as his former-collaborator and pal Deadmau5, the rocker was not pleased to hear the electronic musician’s bass thumping all the way to his crowd. Adams snarked “Try to make this song on your f—king iPhone,” calling the sound “robot music.” “It’s like we’re living in a f-king Terminator nightmare!” he added.

He later added that he really does like the Terminator series, and it’s been confirmed that the whole thing was all in good sarcastic humour. Deadmau5 and Adams hashed it out over Twitter, and all seems to be well between the two artists.