Ryan Adams’ new album allegedly pulled ahead of release as FBI investigate misconduct claims

In addition to the current accusations, Liz Phair and Karen Elson have also spoken out

Yesterday, Ryan Adams was accused of abuse and sexual misconduct by several women including his ex-wife Mandy Moore, Phoebe Bridgers, and Courtney Jaye. Now, Big Colors, the first of three of his albums set for release in 2019, has been “put on hold,” according to Variety. The album was shelved amid an FBI investigation into alleged sexually explicit messages send to a woman named Ava when she was only 15.

According to the New York Times piece, Ava met Adams when she was only 14, and as their relationship progressed, they engaged in both phone sex and Skype calls where Adams appeared on the call naked. The FBI inquiry is allegedly in “its earliest stages.”

Since the allegations surfaced, both Liz Phair and Karen Elson have come forward to release statements against him. “I also had a traumatizing experience with Ryan Adams,” Elson wrote in an Instagram post. “I’m not quite brave enough yet to speak about my specifics. The trauma that lingers is often a very powerful silencer of women as is the business that enables these men to thrive without ever facing consequences.”

Phair responded to a fan on Twitter who asked if she would be weighing in on the matter. “If I do, I’ll write about it,” Phair tweeted. “My experience was nowhere near as personally involving, but yes the record ended and the similarities are upsetting.

Adams is still insisting on his innocence, denying the accusations completely.