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Said The Whale announce ‘Cascadia Cookbook’ featuring a meal and drink recipe for each song on their album

Vancouver indie rockers Said the Whale have just announced that they’re releasing a cookbook that features a meal and drink recipe for each song on their album Cascadia.

Cascadia Cookbook will feature a whopping 80 pages of drink and meal recipes that accompany their 2019 album, in addition to Pacific Northwest inspired food.

“Food plays a MUCH larger role in the life of a touring band than most people give it credit for,” the band explains on Facebook. “When we’re on tour, we eat almost every meal together. Over the course of our career, we’ve played well over 1000 shows. Once you add travel days, days off, studio days and rehearsal days it would be a conservative estimate to say that our band has dined together over 5000 times.”

Check out the announcement and a preview of the cookbook below.

Lead photo courtesy of Vanessa Heins.

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