Said The Whale | Collective Arts Black Box Sessions

Watch Said The Whale perform "UnAmerican" and "Wake Up" live at Indie88 in the Collective Arts Black Box.

After nearly a decade together, Juno Award-winning trio Said The Whale have arrived at what they’ve called “the purest version of themselves” with their sixth album Cascadia. The album marks a return to the quintessential Said The Whale sound after their more experimental 2017 album As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide.

“We were recording in the living room of the cabin,” remembers Ben. “At one point you can hear me drop a plate because I was washing dishes and I didn’t know they had hit record. The whole experience was just totally relaxed and comfortable. We were at home.”

“We sat down with guitars again and wrote songs in the way that feels the most natural to us,” Tyler says. “We’re just following the whims of the three of us, and it’s a much more distilled version of what the band is.”

Cascadia arrives on February 8, via Arts & Crafts.