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Said The Whale perform in their living room in video for new single ‘Sweetheart’

Vancouver’s Said The Whale have shared a video for their new single, “Sweetheart.”

The track comes from their forthcoming album, Dandelion, out on October 22nd via Tyler Bancroft’s EVERYTHING FOREVER. The gritty, yet upbeat new single is all about secrets. The accompanying video is fun-loving, as Said The Whale perform in a living room with a fisheye effect.

“‘Sweetheart’ is an exploration of secrets,” co-frontman and songwriter Ben Worcester explains. “How (and why) we keep them, who we keep them from, and how they affect our relationships. This song doesn’t refer to a specific moment or circumstance in my life, but instead speaks to the idea in general – how revealing our innermost thoughts and fears can serve to weaken some bonds but other times can actually strengthen them – the beauty of sharing a secret with a lover, keeping something hidden from the world, a covenant of mutual trust.”

Watch the video for “Sweetheart” below.

Their forthcoming album features previously released singles “Show Me Everything,” “Everything She Touches is Gold to Me,” “99 to the Moon,” and “Honey Lungs.” Said the Whale recorded Dandelion during the 2020 and 2021 pandemic lockdowns. The band had booked a set of short sessions with producer Steve Bays.

Dandelion is an optimistic title,” Said the Whale’s Ben Worcester explains. “Dandelions are everywhere. Some people see them as nothing but a garden weed, but to many others they are a beautiful flower whose bloom marks the first sign of spring. Not to mention they are edible from root to flower, and have many medicinal properties. They grow whether or not you want them to, so why not focus on the positives?”

Check out the tracklist for Dandelion below.

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