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Said The Whale share intimate new single ’99 to the Moon’

Vancouver indie outfit Said The Whale have shared their new single “99 to the Moon.”

The intimate new song is all about two people growing together over a big chunk of time. “99 to the Moon” was inspired by his own 11-year relationship. Throughout the song, he sings of what it means to build a solid foundation in a partnership and raise a family. Ultimately, it’s about all of the millions of tiny moments that stack on top of each other like bricks.

According to a press release, the song’s title “can either be interpreted as the year 1999, until forever or as the 99 B-Line (a bus that runs east-west in Vancouver) to wherever you are going.” “99 to the Moon” is set to feature on Said The Whale’s recently announced album, Dandelion.

Listen to “99 to the Moon” below.

The Juno Award-winning band recently announced Dandelion, which is out October 22nd via Bancroft’s label EVERYTHING FOREVER. The album features previously released tracks “Show Me Everything,” “Everything She Touches is Gold to Me,” and “Honey Lungs.” Said the Whale recorded Dandelion during the 2020 and 2021 pandemic lockdowns. The band had booked a set of short sessions with producer Steve Bays.

“Dandelion is an optimistic title,” Said the Whale’s Ben Worcester explains. “Dandelions are everywhere. Some people see them as nothing but a garden weed, but to many others they are a beautiful flower whose bloom marks the first sign of spring. Not to mention they are edible from root to flower, and have many medicinal properties. They grow whether or not you want them to, so why not focus on the positives?”

Check out the tracklist for Dandelion below.

Dandelion Tracklist:

01 – “The Ocean”
02 – “Honey Lungs”
03 – “Everything She Touches is Gold to Me”
04 – “Sweetheart”
05 – “Show Me Everything”
06 – “February 15”
07 – “99 to the Moon”
08 – “Anything For You”
09 – “Dandelion”

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