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Sam Tudor grapples with holding onto your last bit of idealism on new single ‘Same As Me’

Toronto songwriter and musician Sam Tudor has shared a new single, “Same As Me.”

The melancholic tune is a reflection on holding onto idealism when you feel it slipping. Packed with a harp solo, driven electric guitar lines, captivating saxophone, and airy synths, “Same As Me” calls on the likes of artists like Big Thief or Phoebe Bridgers. Throughout the track, Tudor delivers lines like, “Are you the same as me?/ Do you have what I have?/ Can we learn to really love, when we’re passing by?”

“This song is inspired by an amalgam of a bunch of feelings – a sense of placelessness, the burnout that comes from being a people-pleaser, loneliness in a crowd, and it’s also inspired by the experience of desperately holding onto your last bit of idealism, – protecting it carefully like it’s a moth in hand (or something),” Sam Tudor explains. “But it’s less about any one thing and more just me trying to give audio form to a very specific kind of melancholy I was feeling when I wrote the song mid pandemic.”

Listen to “Same As Me” below.

“I feel like as people we often work so hard to ‘uphold’ things – to be the foundation for your own ideologies – while not even being sure they are your ideologies,” Sam Tudor continues. “But the experience of ‘upholding’ can be exhausting, and when I wrote this song I felt like I was in the quiet place on the other side of ‘upholding’ – a place of surrender and a sense of grief, but also maybe a little bit hopeful because that surrender makes space for something new.”

More about Sam Tudor

During the pandemic, Sam Tudor released an album via a video game that he created with his band. It’s a virtual space where a listener can walk around various rooms to hear their songs. Check it out here.

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