Samsung Patents Contact Lenses With Built-In Camera

Taking privacy issues to a whole other level.

The future is now.

Samsung has recently been granted a patent in South Korea for contact lenses that project images directly into the user’s eye and also have the ability to take photos by blinking. The camera is controlled by blinking through sensors in the lens and are then processed into a photo via a smartphone.


According to SamMobile, a Samsung-focused blog, Samsung began the development of contact lenses with Augmented Reality capabilities to enhance the experience of AR by producing an image in the actual eye; in comparison with Google Glass-like wearables which project the image in front of your eye.

Way back in 2014, Samsung applied for the patent for smart contacts around the same time Google received patents in the United States for smart contacts. Since then, Google has developed smart contacts with flexible electronics and sensors that read the chemicals in the tear fluid of the wearer’s eyes to determine if their blood sugar levels have fallen to fatal levels.

Although Samsung has received a patent for its smart contact lenses, it doesn’t mean the contacts will be hitting the shelves any time soon. They may have to work out a few details until then.

Stay tuned.

(Photo by n4i via Flickr)