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Savory and Sweet: Toronto’s Best Chicken & Waffles

What started off as a common recipe in most southern cookbooks back in the day has slowly found it’s way onto menus all over the world. It’s savoury and it’s sweet but, most importantly, it’s damn delicious.

Take a look at some of the best chicken and waffles in the city:

The Drake

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This is most likely the most popular dish that The Drake serves. When we say “chicken and waffles” this is probably the first restaurant that comes to mind. Crunchy lightly battered chicken lays on top of jalapeno waffles with cherry jam and creme fraiche.

School Bakery and Cafe

Most restaurants throw the usual maple syrup on top of their C&Ws, but not School! They have a tabasco pepper honey that drips all over the plate and a crunchy cabbage slaw to go with it too. That’s winner winner chicken cabbage dinner.

El Furniture Warehouse

el furni chicken
This is a different take on chicken and waffles: it’s a sandwich where the waffles act as the bread. These waffles may not be the fluffiest things you’ve ever had in your mouth, but for $5 it’s hard to find a chicken and waffle substitute that will beat this. Also, there’s bacon on it and bacon is bacon.

The Stockyards

Known for their southern smoky flavours, Stockyards isn’t afraid to hit the deep frier. Crispy chicken legs use Belgian waffles as their bed and for a blanket a nice layer of chili maple molasses citrus glaze.

Home of the Brave

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‘HOTB’ is known for taking your average comfort food to a ridiculous level, so it’s no wonder their version of chicken and waffles made its way onto this list. Perfectly seasoned batter coats some big juicy pieces of bird and sitting below that you have some sourdough waffles with maple syrup on top. YUM.

Harlem Underground

This food hole specializes in southern comfort food, so obviously some deep fried chicken and pillowy waffles are going to be on the menu. You have some sauce options, or as I like to call them “saucoptions,” for this variation. The deep fried thighs and soft waffles are paired with a scotch-bonet-corriander-lime syrup and homemade gravy.

Starving Artist

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The waffle in chicken and waffles usually takes a back seat, right? Not at Starving Artist. This place put the waffle first and everything else second. Although it’s never the classic C&W dish everyone expects, there are a few different delectable poultry and pastry options to pick from.

Hogtown Vegan

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Hey all you vegheads who don’t like eating meat! This is for you! If you’ve been dreaming of a way to take part in this delicious dish without eating a animal, Hogtown Vegan has you covered. They offer up “Unchicken and Waffles”: fluffy corn waffles topped with fried unchicken and spiced syrup. Eat without guilt, my friends.

The Dirty Bird

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This little location hasn’t been here for that long, but their shop revolves around both chicken and waffles. Every time you’re guaranteed crisp moist chicken and a nice airy waffle to go along with it. Sit at the window and watch what’s happening in the market or take it to go and get weird with your waffs at home.

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