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Say Goodbye to the Yellow Dandelion Crayon

I think it’s safe to say 2017 has already crushed the dreams of many, so why not take away the yellow dandelion crayon?

What does this mean for today’s youth, you ask? Their drawings will be limited and suns will now be sketched in non-dandelion tones. The dandelion crayon, which has been around for 27 years, is officially retired.

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To some, dandelions are just weeds, but to us, it was a pure and beautiful tone of yellow that will be dearly missed.

Clearly, Crayola does not feel the same, already replacing it with a new blue shade. If you’re taking this news hard, it gets even worse. The public wasn’t supposed to know about the Dandelion Crayon retiring until May. Lucky for us, Target spilled the beans by sharing photos of the upcoming Crayola 24 pack online.

We know, it’s still so fresh. Like all losses, time will heal.

Feature image courtesy of A Little Shoppe via Facebook.

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