Science Says Bassists Are Way More Important Than You Think

Chin up bassists, appreciation is on the way!

Let’s be real, have you ever taken someone seriously when they “I play bass.” Probably not, but after years and years of being overlooked it’s time to show some love to a crucial part of the rhythm section.

A new study was done at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and there is scientific evidence of the importance of the bassist. Apparently our brains are way better at picking up the rhythm of low tones rather then what you would hear on a guitar.

The study’s lead author Laurel Trainor:

“hooked up participants to an EEG to monitor brain activity while they heard simultaneous streams of two piano notes — one high-pitched, the other low-pitched. Every so often researchers played one of the notes fractions of a second too early. Participants were far better at recognizing these errors if they occurred in the bass notes. That same study also found that, if asked to tap their fingers along to this unpredictable stream of notes, subjects were much better at adjusting their tapping when the lower tones began to arrive early than they were if the same thing happened with the higher tones.”

For more info on why you should give a bassist a hug, check out the full article.