Scientists Close to Bringing Woolly Mammoths Back From Extinction

Clearly, the scientists at Havard haven't seen Jurassic Park

The latest latest news coming out of the science lab involves woolly mammoths being brought back from extinction within the next two years. The scientists behind a groundbreaking resurrection project actually think this is going to happen. The biggest question on our minds is this: Have any of these people watched Jurassic Park?

Worried? Yeah, us too.

Apparently, it’s all in the elephants. World-renowned geneticist Prof George Church and his team at Harvard University have been working for the past two years on recreating the DNA blueprint of the mammoth. They have used DNA from mammoths that were preserved in Arctic permafrost to look for the genes that separated them from elephants, such as those with code for a shaggy coat, big ears and antifreeze blood.

We’ll try and break it down for non-science lovers. Havard has some frozen mammoths and they believe they can cross some of their genes with a modern elephant to create a hybrid of sorts. Necessary? Absolutely not but who wouldn’t want to see woolly mammoths walking around?

Lab tests have already shown that cells function normally with mammoth and elephant DNA and the scientists now have plans to grow a mammoth embryo inside an artificial womb rather than impregnate an elephant as a serigate.

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