Scientists Have Just Stored an Entire OK Go Music Video on DNA Strands

Check out the OK Go Video that has been stored on strands of DNA

You probably have a loose idea of what DNA is. It’s our bodies blueprint; the stuff that determines how we look and act – to an extent. It’s that stuff you learned about in high school and then promptly forgot. Well that “stuff”, has just been used to store a music video! Scientists, also fans of OK Go‘s elaborately hypnotizing videos, at the University of Washington in partnership with Microsoft were able to store 200 MB of data on some strands of DNA. Mashable reports that they not only stored this music video but also stored 100 books and a seed database.

This isn’t the first time data has been stored on DNA strands, the same feat was accomplished but with much less data. The previously held record for data stored on DNA strands was 22 MB, so this latest discovery is a huge leap. Researchers believe that DNA storage will be the solution to the overwhelming amount of data being created everyday and the problem of storing it. The DNA that was used to store the video, books and database is smaller than the tip of a pencil. This is an incredibly compact method of storage, especially when compared to current technologies. The simplified breakdown of how the data is being stored and then reaccessed on DNA can be found at Mashable.