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Looking For Amazing Seafood Restaurants In Mississauga? (Our Top 5 Picks)

Struggling To Find A Good Seafood Restaurant In Mississauga?

If you’re looking for the best seafood restaurant Mississauga has to offer, you’ve landed in the right place. While there are plenty of dining options in Mississauga, the seafood restaurants are really special.

With a strong emphasis on quality, great service, and of course delicious seafood, we’ve put this list together for your dining pleasure. Work your way from the top or the bottom, and enjoy all the best seafood restaurants in Mississauga.

The 5 Best Seafood Restaurants In Mississauga

1) Aristotles

seafood restaurant Mississauga
Image: @aristotlessteakandseafood on Instagram

This white-tablecloth seafood restaurant and steakhouse offers lovely fireside dining. They feature a menu of prime cuts of steak, as well as delicious pasta and seafood. Because this restaurant is family-run, it has a friendly vibe with great service. They bring your food out quickly, get drinks on the table right away, and so it with a smile. Aristotle’s is a fantastic date night experience, and also hits the spot for a family outing.

2) Red Lobster

seafood restaurant Mississauga
Image: @redlobster on Instagram

This lively chain restaurant serves up American-style seafood with a New England-themed interior and vibe. The prices are reflective of a high standard of food, and the service is consistently good. As far as seafood in Mississauga goes, this is a great place for a date or a family outing.

3) The Captain’s Boil

seafood restaurant Mississauga
Image: @thecaptainsboil on Instagram

This buzzy, Maritime-themed destination restaurant specializes in boil-in-a-bag Cajun and Asian inspired seafood. You can select a spice preference for your cajun shrimp, and also select different flavour profiles for your fish. The prices are fair and the service is reliably quick and friendly. All told, this concept restaurant is some of the best seafood Mississauga has to offer.

4) Masamune

seafood restaurant Mississauga
Image: @nicoletine_ on Instagram

What would a list of good seafood in Mississauga be without an outstanding sushi restaurant? This quiet strip-mall sushi join serves large portions of delicious seafood. They also feature a bar so you can see the chefs at work. The sushi is super fresh, and they keep an eye on their environmental impact as well.

All in all, Masamune is a great option for takeout or dine-in with a small group.

5) Snug Harbour Seafood Bar & Grill

seafood restaurant Mississauga
Image: @the_food_goddess_2022 on Instagram

Snug Harbour specializes in seafood. They’re also overlooking the water so it adds even more to the experience. Their relaxed, modern interior also expands into outdoor patio seating. Unlike some seafood restaurants, the portions are really great. In addition to healthy-sized meals, they also keep high standards around quality. Good food, great service, and an enjoyable atmosphere make Snug Harbour one of the best seafood restaurants Mississauga has to offer.

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