Searchable Ontario craft beer directory helps you find the perfect brew for delivery

With over 100 Ontario craft brewers featured

Beer Finder is here to take the guess work out of searching for the perfect Ontario craft brew to have delivered directly to your door. The new searchable directory lets you break down available beers by location, type, and specific characteristics.

The site’s creator, Cam Sloan, started Beer Finder after he found himself out of work amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The site has amassed 10,000 users in just its first couple of weeks.

“In all honesty, I just wanted a way to find out who has milkshake IPAs without having to go to every brewery’s website one by one,” Sloan said in a release. “That made me think — there are probably hundreds of us with the exact same problem. Especially now, when direct delivery is the best and safest option.”

The directory features over 100 Ontario craft brewers. Users can search based on geographic location across the province, a comprehensive array of beer styles, flavour characteristics, and by specific brewery.

Get sippin’.

Image via Flickr/Alan Levine