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Seinfeld Pop-Up Bar Coming To Toronto

Want to enjoy Festivus all summer long? Lucky for you, one Torontonian is setting up a pop-up Seinfeld Bar in the city.

On July 15th, a summer long pop-up shop dressed up as Monk’s Diner (Tom’s Restaurant), will be opening it’s doors for a launch party in the west end. While there isn’t a specific location yet, Mackenzie Keast, the co-creator told BlogTo that it will likely be around Dundas and Dufferin.

The Facebook group, which popped up earlier today lists all sorts of Seinfeld related foods and activities to be celebrated at the bar, such as “Kenny Rogers Chicken, calzones, ‘No Soup For You’, big salads, sexy pastrami’s, marble rye sandwiches chocolate babka, muffin tops, and more.”

Plus you’ll be able to collect “Junior Mints, Jujyfruits, Twix, Pez, Snickers, and cereal” as take home gifts. The bar plans to stay around all summer featuring weekly trivia, karaoke and costume contests.

Recently, word of a similar, George Costanza themed bar in Australia made the news, and even though Seinfeld has been off air for nearly twenty years, Keast says, “We tend to have a lot of the same neurotic habits that make Seinfeldian life what it is, so we can relate a lot. We thought hey, let’s give people the opportunity to immerse themselves in that experience a little bit more and have fun.”

Image courtesy Francisco Antunes via Flickr

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