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Sergi Cadenas: Master Of Moving Portraits

The Sergi Cadenas portraits will blow your mind. Each step you take, every inch of perspective change, changes the entire subject matter. This art will help you truly understand just how important it is to consider where you are when you’ve looking at something.

You’ll see one face when you stand in one spot, and a completely new face when you stand in another.

Many of the Sergi Cadenas works show an old person shifting into a young person. Or, they show a young person growing into an old person.

It’s a perspective that will expand your mind and your heart, and get you thinking about how fast time really can move and how important your perspective really is.

Sergi Cadenas: Master Of Moving Portraits

Sergi Cadenas is a self-taught artist who didn’t even start painting until he was 30 years old. For all of you who are old than that, don’t worry. You can still start painting. 30 isn’t that old at all, so we’re not sure why that’s so notable.

Cadenas, formally known as a Spanish postwar and contemporary artist, hails from Girona, Spain. His forefathers established a foundry in the 19th Century in the city. He and Girona go way back. His family crafted ironwork for generations and carried on the business of contributing to the cultural and architectural history of the city.

Cadenas was a student of artistic ironmongery in the Germi de Serrallers in Barcelona, Spain. He worked in his father’s workshop when he was just 15. He then took charge of the whole operation when he was 20. His family trade is still very much a part of his life.

He has received the recognition of “master artisan” who specializes in forging techniques. His three-century-old family business, Ferris d’Art Cadenas, is a well-known company in Girona.

A Trick Of The Eyes & The Mind: Sergi Cardenas Technique

He got the idea for these dual-image oil paintings from images that he’dseen when he was a kid. Back then, he knew them as “flip images”, and he carried the visions with him into his adult life. The artist decided to re-create them one day, and the result has been outstanding and mind-bending.

Although Cadenas never formally studied drawing or painting, he focused on portraits when he started doing oil painting. His mind, however, was so creative that he needed to create more than just portraits.

Cadenas got to work experimenting, and he created his unique style all on his own. His 3D oil paintings will change according to the viewer’s perspective. It truly is a style all his own.

What Is Lenticular Painting & How Does It Work?

Lenticular art is a special type of artwork. It changes as the viewer moves from place to place. The image itself rests in the balance between the viewer’s left and right eyes. What’s notable is that a lenticular scene is never stable; it will always depend on the angle from which the image is viewed.

Visit The Sergi Cadenas Art Gallery (info)

If you’d like to visit this incredible location, you’re in for a treat! Go check out this link, and you’ll get all the info you need to know.

You can also follow along with his popular Instagram account here.

Sergi cadenas
Photo: @mikipf on Instagram
Sergi cadenas
Image: @mikipf on Instagram
Sergi cadenas
Photo: @mikipf on Instagram




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