It Looks Like Seth Rogen Might Be Voicing The TTC Subway After All

Brad Ross shared mysterious photo

If there’s a lesson here kids, it’s to never let your Tweets be dreams.

Brad Ross, Executive Director of Corporate & Customer Communications of the TTC tweeted a photo this morning of comedian Seth Rogen and himself in a vocal booth. Rogen, who just lent his voice to Vancouver’s SkyTrain system, appears to be making good on his offer to lend his voice to the Toronto transit system as well.

Ross wrote in the tweet “What is fellow Canadian and public transit user @Sethrogen doing posing for a selfie with me,” adding “in a #TTC Bloor-Yonge ball cap, no less?”

Ross concluded the tweet with “Stay tuned,” hinting that there might be a formal announcement coming soon.

It seems pretty clear that the Canadian comedian will be voicing some part of the TTC system, potentially the Bloor-Yonge line, judging by his hat. Only time will tell!