Shakey Graves | Collective Arts Black Box Sessions

Shakey Graves performs "Climb on the Cross" and "Cops and Robbers" from his new album, Can't Wake Up.

Shakey Graves, aka Alejandro Rose-Garcia, aimed to change things up on his latest album, Can’t Wake Up. After rising to fame with his signature one-man-band style of Americana folk, he is expanding his artistic vision beyond the limitations of the genre. “Next album. New sound. Sell your suspenders,” he Tweeted before its release earlier this year.

“Not that I hadn’t made stuff that I really wanted to, but with this record, I just wanted to go back to building stuff,” says Rose-Garcia. “The beautiful lesson of all this is having to trust yourself, to be willing to start something that you don’t know the outcome of, or to lean toward something just because it feels right, even though it may not be what you originally put down on paper. Those are the kind of stories in this record.”