New Shipping Container Market Proposed Near Fort York

The market would include food and an outdoor cinema

Tusk Global Ltd. has recently proposed creating a shipping container market near Bathurst and Front.

The proposed market would be comprised of temporary and feature stores, including restaurants, a brewery, studios, an incubator space, and an outdoor cinema. The lot that would hold the market is located near Fort York.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a shipping container market, Market 707 (see below) located on Dundas West is a great example to reference.

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Councillor Mike Layton has expressed his interest in turning that empty lot into a park instead.

“There is a dire need for park space in the community, but it is expensive to develop parks,” said Layton. However, he also acknowledges that the lot’s history as a smelting plant might make it difficult to turn into a parkland due to possible contamination.

He also notes that the idea of a parkland does not mean that a shipping container market can’t happen.

“We don’t want an empty lot sitting there for years,” he said. “[The market] is an innovative approach for what we can do on empty lots for a shorter period of time.”

Feature photo courtesy of Levitt Goodman