Shocking New Ad Campaign Has Torontonians Turning Their Heads

"Assumptions can be deadly"

Torontonians are beginning to take note of a shocking new advertising campaign that’s taken over the city streets of what looks like a blurred out photo of a dick. Despite what you think, it’s not a late night picture from your ex — and that’s exactly the point.

What you’ve been seeing is an awareness campaign from the Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation, and that blurred out image isn’t a dick, it’s a pancreas.

At about six inches long, the pancreas lies behind the stomach in the abdomen and is pear-shaped, just like…you know.

The campaign aims are increasing awareness of Pancreatic Cancer, and just how deadly it is. Just this year alone, 5500 Canadians will be diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, and 50% will die within four months.

The goal is to see more men and women getting checked, because the symptoms are sometimes hard to spot. Some common symptoms include weight loss, nausea , back pain, and tiredness according to the PCCF.

When it comes to pancreatic Cancer, it’s important to know the facts. Do your part and get checked. If you’d like to find out how you can help or donate, follow the website here.