Shop Local Starling Automotive in Kensington


Starling Automotive, located at 15 Carlyle St, have been keeping Kensington rolling for 25 years! The automotive repair shop is powered by the husband and wife duo, Mike & Lorraine, and they say “We have the best customers!”

Across the street from Toronto Western Hospital, you may have seen their yellow bay door and the cool graffiti by Uber5000 on the side of the building as you make your way into emergency or on your way into Kensington Market.

“Mike the mechanic started this business on his own. Before meeting his partner Lorranie, Mike’s Mom and Dad helped where they could. Pam doing bookwork after her busy day as a principal and Tom doing runs when Mike needed parts or supplies picked up. His parents were very proud of there son. They showed him hard work, good work ethics and treat people like decent folks and they will come back.”

Starling Automotive‘ s customers range from artists, musicians, writers, private detectives, doctors & nurses and even Ace the Blue Jay mascot (They can’t tell you who they are or they would have to…u know?).

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