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Connie Oliveira started “The Portuguese Vegan” earlier this year. Connie has been vegan for years now and was always disappointed she couldn’t enjoy her mom’s traditional Portuguese meals.

Connie pitched the idea to her mom one day to share her “recipes” (which really means they were all stored in her head by memory) and for Connie to try to veganize them. After a few recipes Connie’s mom is no longer skeptical that almost anything traditional can be veganized.

The recipes take about 4-5 tries each to perfect them and to get the measurements right. Her on-the-whim “a handful of this” and “a pinch of that” are converted to “a cup of this” and “two tablespoons of that” through trial and error. We also try new dishes and non-Portuguese meals. Our goal is to self publish a cookbook once the recipes are all complete.

Right now, you can follow Connie’s journey on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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