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Shoppers Drug Mart is Hiring a Medical Marijuana Brand Manager

It’s not yet legal for pharmacies to dispense marijuana products, but Shoppers Drug Mart is in the process of preparing for this country’s foray into readily available weed. Canada’s largest pharmacy chain is hiring a senior brand manager for medical marijuana, who will report to the director of new drug strategy.

So you just might be able to turn all those years of bong rips into a pretty decent job, so as long as you have substantial business management and medical marketing experience.

More via Shoppers Drug Mart’s job board:

Reporting to the Director, New Drug Strategy, you will lead the medical brand strategy and all marketing activities with physicians and HCPs in the cannabis space. The development and integration of the medical brand plan will involve the consideration of the current cannabis market; legislation, regulations and access challenges. Using strong medical marketing skills and business acumen, you will coordinate with cross functional teams, external vendors and consultants to help promote and execute the formulary, clinical guidelines, marketing plan, regulatory requirements, market access strategy, and physician outreach strategy.

A “thorough understanding of the cannabis market from a clinical, business, social and regulatory perspective” is a key function of the job. The title would make for a helluva business card to hand out, but this gig doesn’t sound like any sort of stoner’s dream job.

Legal weed products will hit the Canadian consumer market by July 1, 2018. The LCBO will operate standalone stores across Ontario, while the role of major pharmaceutical distributors is not yet clear.

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