Shows you’ve got to check out during Indie Week

Scenic Route To Alaska, Basement Revolver, Moscow Apartment, and More

Indie Week has officially begun, and as a result there will be tons of performances from iconic bands across Toronto from now until November 11th.

We know there will be tons of concerts to see and new bands to hear, so to help you schedule a week full of unrivaled live music, we’ve put together a list of shows you’ve got to check out at Indie Week this year.

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Goodnight, Sunrise

The Bovine Sex Club | Tuesday, November 6 | Tickets

Toronto based alternative rock band Goodnight, Sunrise is known for their ability to put on a killer and energetic live show that’s dominated by their harmonized male-female lead vocals. They’ll be bringing that explosive energy and eclectic musical style to The Bovine Sex Club on Tuesday, November 6th.



Moscow Apartment

Supermarket | Wednesday, November 7 | Tickets

Moscow Apartment, a young Canadian indie rock duo, is driven by soft harmonies and explosive refrains with a delicate balance of acoustic melodies and an electronic touch. They’ll be bringing their genre-breaking tunes to Supermarket on Wednesday, November 7th, where you’ll be able to experience a unique kind of indie folk rock you’ve never heard before.

Basement Revolver

Baby G | Thursday, November 8 | Tickets

Canadian indie rock trio, Basement Revolver, will be hitting the Baby G on Thursday, November 8th with their 90’s infused dream pop. Songwriter Chrisy Hurn uses music to share intimate stories from her past, and this vulnerability shines through in their poignant, yearning tracks.

Shanika Maria

120 Diner | Thursday, November 8 | Tickets

Hamilton based singer-songwriter, Shanika Maria, has been playing and performing across Southern Ontario since 2014. On her upcoming album Subtle Uncertainties, which is set to be released in January 2019, she will be exploring the lines between genres by taking on a range of styles from electro-pop to beach rock. Shanika Maria will be bringing these new tunes to 120 Diner on Thursday, November 8th.

Grizzly Coast

Free Times Cafe | Thursday, November 8 | Tickets

Alannah Kavanagh’s solo musical project, Grizzly Coast, is a blend of poetry and music. Her debut album Gold Lined Path has expanded her sound and allowed her to delve into lyricism even further for her upcoming sophomore release. Grizzly Coast is playing the Free Times Cafe on Thursday, November 8th.


The Manvils

The Mod Club | Friday, November 9 | Tickets

The Manvils are a Canadian power rock trio whose music revolves around very personal lyrics atop a sort of sonic chaos. Their elaborate tunes are influenced by 60’s style British Rock, and they’re known for putting on a completely unpredictable and intense live show. They’ll be bringing that unrivalled experience to the stage at The Mod Club on Friday, November 9th.

Scenic Route To Alaska

The Garrison | Saturday, November 10 | Tickets

If you head to The Garrison on Saturday, November 10th, you can listen to some catchy indie tracks from Scenic Route to Alaska. The prairie indie outfit is renowned for their ability to weave raspy clever vocals over memorable melodies. Their live performances are exciting, with palpable energy and contagious joy, so this is one show you won’t want to miss.

Acid Test

The Garrison | Saturday, November 10 | Tickets

Acid Test will be opening for the Scenic Route To Alaska on November 10th. The 90’s alternative rock band has just dropped a new six-song EP called “Jus’ Rite,” which is adventurous, genre-bending, edgy, and visceral. The album was created in honour of former band member Mike Harland, who passed away in 2012, and it’s full of gritty, highly emotional songs.

Side Hustle

Brooklynn Bar | Saturday, November 10

Indie rock band, Side Hustle, has a repertoire full of upbeat, melody-driven tracks and tons of amazing harmonies. Influenced by pop songs from the 1960’s, the band has created a tight live set and has garnered a loyal following in the Toronto area. Catch Side Hustle at the Brooklynn Bar on Saturday, November 10th.