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Great Bands of Brothers (and sisters)

They say blood is thicker than water, but being in a band with a family member gives you TWO reasons to fight. You have to work together AND still love each other?? These bands with siblings have found a way to make it work.


Glory hog Thom Yorke might steal the spotlight as the charismatic frontman but the meat and bones has always been Jonny and Colin Greenwood. They originally formed a band called On A Friday, eventually changing the name to Radiohead. Johnny’s guitar work has been incredibly influential to their successors, and have you ever noticed Colin’s bass? Exactly.

Arcade Fire

The story goes that an onstage fight between Win Butler and early band member Brendan Reed in 2003 left the band hanging in the lurch. Win turned to his younger brother Will to round out the lineup. They released a debut EP followed shortly by 2004’s Funeral and the rest is history.


There’s something cool about an all-sister band, especially when the three bring such a different energy to the stage. Oldest sister Este has her “bass face” in overdrive and middle child (the unloved one) Danielle is a solid lead guitar and vocalist. Youngest sister Alana aka Baby Haim is hypnotic, dancing like a freak while she adds guitar and percussion.

The National

the national
Did you know they have two sets of brothers in The National? Aaron and Bryce Dessner are identical twin guitarists, while brothers Bryan and Scott Devendorf look like polar opposites on drums and bass. Looks like Matt Berninger is the 5th wheel at this family picnic.

Brave Shores

Brave Shores
Toronto’s Jay McCarrol was working writing music for commercials when he realized some of it sounded like it could be for a real band. He brought in sister Stef and they wasted no time finishing their debut EP with the super catchy single “Never Come Down”. Catch them during Canadian Music Week at the Mod Club May 8th.

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