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Silla and Rise share animated video for Tanya Tagaq collaboration ‘Nutarannut (For The Children)’

Following the release of Silarjuaq late last year, Silla and Rise are back with an animated video for “Nutarannut (For The Children).”

The track, which features Tanya Tagaq, is definitely a standout from Silarjuaq. Performed by Charlotte Qamaniq, Charlotte Carleton, Rise Ashen, and Tagaq, “Nutarannut” “comes from the mother’s heart,” according to a release. The accompanying video was animated by award-winning artist, JonJon.

“As mothers we hold all children, not just our own,” Silla and Rise explain. “We nurture our children and Mother Nature nurtures us in return. We are meant to love and care for the children in this world; to respect and to honour them. To abuse and neglect them, sending them back to Mother Earth in mass graves is an atrocity; a callous act of genocide, and one that was practiced systemically in Residential Schools by the Catholic Church with the cooperation of the Government of Canada.”

Watch the video for “Nutarannut (For The Children)” below.

“Instead of giving space to these serial abusers, we sing to the spirits of the children in remembrance and with love,” Silla and Rise continue. “The song features an excerpt of Charlotte Carleton’s daughter saying ‘Anaaha aakuluk’ (Mom I love you) – the Church abducted Indigenous children from their parents at her age. As you listen, take a moment to remember the children who were lost and cherish them.”

Silarjuaq draws its name from the Inuktitut word for Universe. In addition to “Nutarannut (For The Children),” the album features “Anirniq” and “Tulukkat.”

“Sila” has a broad definition, incorporating concepts of weather, the land, the spirit of the atmosphere, cunning, and intelligence. The affix “-juaq” means “large,” thus alluding to the larger structure of the cosmos.

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