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Silla and Rise share video for new single ‘Anirniq,’ announce forthcoming album ‘Silarjuaq’

Ottawa and Nunavut-based ensemble Silla and Rise have announced their third album, Silarjuaq, out October 29th via Balanced Records. As part of the announcement they’ve shared a video for their new single, “Anirniq.”

Silarjuaq draws its name from the Inuktitut word for Universe and “Anirniq” is the Inuktitut word for breath. The accompanying video sees Silla and Rise moving to the rhythm of “Anirniq” beneath bright lights. Guest dancers Alea Decastro, Julie Benoit, and Vanessa Lovell join the band in the powerful performance.

“Inhale and feel your lungs swell, hear the heartbeat in your ears, and exhale,” Silla and Rise explain. “The power and control you hear in katajjaq requires mastery of breath. Take time occasionally to be conscious of your breath. It is the source of your power while here in flesh and blood.”

Check out the video for “Anirniq” below.

“Sila” has a broad definition, encorporating concepts of weather, the land, the spirit of the atmosphere, cunning, and intelligence. The affix “-juaq” means “large,” thus alluding to the larger structure of the cosmos.

Silarjuaq sees Silla and Rise continuing on the powerful trajectory of their career. Together, they blend the Inuit throat singing of Silla with the global dancefloor mixology of Rise Ashen. The album will pay homage to Inuit culture, the Inuit land and its connection to spirituality.

Check out the tracklist for Silarjuaq below.

Silarjuaq Tracklist:

01 – “Nutarannut [For the Children] (feat. Tanya Tagaq)”
02 – “Silarjuaq”
03 – “How Lucky We Are (feat. Tanya Tagaq)”
04 – “Avataanut (feat. Deirdre Dooley)”
05 – “Tulukkat (feat. Deirdre Dooley)”
06 – “Ijiraq [Hide and Seek] (feat. Tanya Tagaq)”
07 – “Iparauti (feat. Theland Kicknosway)”
08 – “Supijuq (feat. Risten Anin)”
09 – “Anirniq”
10 – “Garden Variety”
11 – “Boogity (feat. Theland Kicknosway)”
12 – “Atangi (feat. Risten Anine and Theland Kicknosway)”
13 – “Ikkii”
14 – “Pandemonium”
15 – “Ikaaqqaq [The Crossing] (feat. Annie Aningmiuq)”

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