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Simple Plan’s David Desrosiers leaves band amid public allegations of sexual misconduct

Montreal pop-punk band Simple Plan shared a statement to their Instagram account early Friday morning, announcing the departure of bassist David Desrosiers after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment involving Desrosiers surfaced online in recent days.

Numerous claims of misconduct on Desrosiers’s part were shared from Instagram account @victims_voices_montreal, and later translated across various platforms. Desrosiers announced he had left the band on Thursday via Instagram.

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“Recent public statements have led me to acknowledge that some of the interactions I have had with women have caused them harm,” reads Desrosiers’s post “I have decided to withdraw from the band and seek professional help to educate myself and act appropriately in the future. I am truly sorry for the harm I have caused to these women.”

The band stated they were going to “pause” and put in place “guidelines” to prevent similar situations from happening.

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Suite à des déclarations publiques récentes, David Desrosiers se retire du groupe afin de travailler sur ses difficultés personnelles. Nous présentons nos excuses les plus profondes aux femmes qui ont été blessées par ses actions. Nous sommes également désolés pour tous nos fans qui sont déçus de cette situation regrettable. En tant que groupe, nous prendrons le temps de faire une pause, réfléchir, et mettre en place des lignes directrices afin d’éviter que de telles situations se reproduisent. Following recent public statements, David Desrosiers is withdrawing from the band in order to work on his personal issues. We offer our deepest apologies to the women who were hurt by his actions. We are also sorry for all our fans who are disappointed by this regretful situation. We will, as a band, take time to pause, reflect and put in place guidelines to prevent similar situations from happening.

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Several resources are available for Ontario residents who have survived trauma, including the Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Care Centre at 416-323-6040 and the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape at 416-597-8808.

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