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Sister Ray’s new song ‘Visions’ is about feeling ‘betrayed by something that was supposed to be beautiful and good’

Edmonton songwriter Ella Coyes (they/she) has shared a video for their new single as Sister Ray, “Visions.” The track comes from their freshly announced debut album, Communion, out May 13th via Royal Mountain Records.

The vulnerable, emotional new track is a perfect preview of the forthcoming album. Packed with melancholic guitar riffs and brooding vocals, “Visions” is sure to move you. The accompanying video opens with Sister Ray backlit in a gloomy, orange-tinged room before cycling through cinematic clips of them singing along to the track.

“There’s this feeling when I’m dreaming that suddenly my body weighs a million pounds, and I can’t move or speak, it’s like I’m melting into mercury,” Sister Ray explains. “It’s that moment when I finally see the door, and the handle comes into view that suddenly I am unable to move another inch. The door opens like that scene in The Simpsons where Bart goes to visit Mad Magazine in New York and the Twin Towers are still standing. But instead of a bunch of wacky cartoons, it’s just kind of sad, like waht the receptionist told Bart would be inside. So, I guess what ‘Visions’ is about is feeling pissed and betrayed by something that was supposed to be beautiful and good.”

Watch the video for “Visions” below.

Sister Ray’s forthcoming debut album, Communion is set to be a raw, vulnerable collection of experiences that define your past.

“While writing Communion, I was exploring my identity in a way that involved grief and insecurity,” Sister Ray explains. “These songs were written with liberation in mind.”

In addition to “Visions,” Communion features Sister Ray’s previously released debut single, “Crucified.”

Pre-order Communion here and check out the tracklist below.

Communion Tracklist:

01 – “Violence”
02 – “Good News”
03 – “Visions”
04 – “I Want To Be Your Man”
05 – “Reputations”
06 – “Justice”
07 – “Jackie In The Kitchen”
08 – “Power”
09 – “Crucified”
10 – “Prophecy”

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