Six Frustratingly Funny Mechanic Stories from Reddit

Leave it up to the professionals

A car may come with a handbook, but let’s face it, most of us don’t read it. And unlike the pipes underneath your basement sink, a car isn’t one of those things that you can MacGyver. It’s a 4,000-pound machine that can hit speeds 150 KM/ph and above, so it’s not really something you should be messing with.

Hopefully you’re the kind of person who, when faced with a mechanical issue, leaves it up to the professionals rather than trying to jerry-rig it like Doc from Back to the Future. But when push comes to shove, when the DIY-mechanics are forced to bring their car to the shop, it makes for a hilarious story.

Here are six frustratingly funny Mechanic Stores we found on Reddit:

Impatience is not a virute

Customer states heater doesn’t work until the car has been running for xx minutes” Every time it gets cold this happens.

Pro-tip, if you find that your car is cold, and the heater isn’t immediately blowing warm air, consider waiting a couple minutes before you start complaining. Do you ever put an ice tray with water in the freezer and complain that it’s not immediately frozen? No. It works both ways.

Story via Sarcastic_Redneck

Know your holes

Not a mechanic, but the dudes down at the motorpool had to stay late because some asshole from another platoon poured motor oil into where the transmission fluid goes into one of their trucks.

Windshield washer fluid and motor oil do different things, therefore they don’t both go in the same tube. That’s like swallowing eye drops and expecting your ear infection to go away.

Story via lakk


Don’t Do It Yourself

My dad’s solution when a control knob broke off in my car.

Who knew light switches could have so many uses in vehicles. There’s something wrong with the starter on my dad’s truck. His temporary “fix” involves using a light switch to start the truck. He connected the light switch to some wires in the area below the ignition so that to start the truck you insert the key and turn it to the on position, nothing happens yet, so then you flip the light switch to the on position, the truck starts, then you flip the light switch back to the off position and drive to your destination. Turn the key off to turn the truck off. I’m no mechanic so I don’t quite understand it. He bought the proper parts to fix it, just hasn’t gotten around to it yet.

Hey, you get bonus points for being crafty! DIY is so in.

Story via tndvdson

Top Gear

My dad used to work at a Ferrari dealer. One day some guy comes in saying his car was sounding funny. My dad takes it out like you would drive a Ferrari hitting 5000rpm before changing gears. Turns out the guy was shifting at like 1500 rpm.

Money can’t buy you intelligence, and it certainly can’t teach you how to drive stick. Shift, people, shift!

Story via Willard_saf



My father installed a new radio in his friends truck late one night. The guy drove off and everything was fine. His friend called the next day and said his radio no longer worked, wouldn’t turn on so my dad asked him to bring it by after work that evening. When he showed up, the radio worked just fine so the guy went home.

Next day same thing, radio wasn’t working. Turns out my dad had wired the radio power into the headlights so it would only work at night… when the headlights were on.

Nice try, but this is why there are professionals.

Story via MyOpus

Not a Highway Golf

Customer came to our shop with her “City Golf” and wanted a mechanic to check the car over because she had to take it on the highway for a few minutes. After 2 years of owning the car, she was under the impression that her car was only able to drive in the city

Prime example of not taking things quite so literally. City Golf’s are named that way because they are better fuel efficient in the city, not because they can only drive in urban centres.

Story via hillbillygoat

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