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Six Great Moments from Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury is one of the world’s most anticipated festivals, and is the destination for music lovers around the world.

This year’s festival was no exception. With an unbeatable lineup with acts including The National, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, HAIM and many more, there’s no question the U.K. festival set the bar high for a summer of promising international festivals. And while we couldn’t be there physically, thanks to the internet, were able to experience the festival online. Here are six of the most memorable moments from Glastonbury 2017:

Security Guards Rock Out To Barry Gibb

There’s no question Barry Gibb is one of the world’s most influential songwriters. As one third of The Bee Gees, Gibb defined a generation and wrote massive hits that will live on for years to come. So it’s no surprise that to honour the legendary songwriter, security guards for his performance learned a synconized dance to “Staying Alive.” They did a pretty good job, too.

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The Killer’s Secret Set

The Killers weren’t scheduled to perform at this year’s festival but they showed up anyway. And guess what, they still brought out a massive crowd (but that’s not all that surprising).

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Foo Fighters Nothing Less Than the Best

Nothing like a little Foo to bring the noise to the Somerset-based festival. A key moment however wasn’t any of their best hits, rather when frontman Dave Grohl dedicated a song to a fan who recently passed away to breast cancer. “I’d like to dedicate this song to someone named Laura, who couldn’t be here tonight.” he said. “But we should all dance this one for her.”

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If you look up “talent” in the dictionary, you would see the sisters HAIM. Trying out some new material from their upcoming album Something to Tell You, the international rockstars brought out their signature drum line, and had the audience roaring in applause.

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Le Chic, Le Freak!

Who better than the man himself, Nile Rodgers, joined by Dianna Ross and Le Chic for a stunner of a set? The band played through a number of their all-time greatest hits, along with the best tracks Rodgers wrote and appeared on including David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance.”

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Radiohead Creeping

Hot after the release of their release of OKNOTOK, Radiohead spent the 20th anniversary of OK Computer at Glastonbury. They played through a number of tracks from their catalogue of critical hits, but nothing beats “Karma Police.”

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