Indie88 Charity: SKETCH

Indie88 Charity: SKETCH

Indie88 works with SKETCH Working Arts as our charity partner! Here’s a little about them and what they do…


What is SKETCH?

SKETCH creates opportunities for young people (ages 16 to 29), living homeless or on the margins, to experience the transformative power of the arts. They come to SKETCH to paint, cut an album, get a hearty meal, beatbox, design t-shirts, build furniture or launch their own enterprise. The impact? For twenty-one years now, over 13,000 young people have discovered their path at SKETCH, taken charge of their health and identity, and made connections to jobs, careers and community.

What It Means For Indie88:

Indie88 is proud to support SKETCH Working Arts by donating funds and inviting our audience to learn about and support SKETCH. This doesn’t mean that SKETCH will be the only initiative or organization we support, but it will be a core cause that Indie88 partners with on an ongoing basis.

A look inside SKETCH Studios:









Listen to our interview with Oddane Taylor.


Want to partner with INDIE88 in supporting SKETCH?

· Find and follow them at @SKETCHToronto
· Let them know how creativity has transformed your life at #SKETCHToronto
· Make a donation and mention Indie88 at checkout
· Rent a SKETCH studio or event space and change a life