Skinny Jeans Cause Muscle Problems

Maybe give your legs some breathing room

Recently, a 35 year old woman had to be cut out of a pair of skinny jeans after her calves ballooned in size. She spent hours helping a relative move while in her denim, often squatting to empty cupboards and pick up furniture. This, doctors say, caused the woman to develop a condition called compartment syndrome – and her skinny jeans didn’t help her cause.

Compartment syndrome is caused by swelling or bleeding in an enclosed bundle of muscles, and is painfully and potentially serious. This woman’s condition in her calves caused her to trip, and she spent hours on the ground because she couldn’t get up.

At the hospital, they saw that her lower legs were severely swollen and her muscles were weak, damaging her muscles and nerves. After being injected with an IV, she could finally walk again 4 days later.

A professional adviser at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Priya Dasoju, said: “As with many of these warnings, the very unfortunate case highlighted is an extreme one. There’s no need to ditch the skinny jeans just yet, simply avoid staying in the same position for too long and keep moving throughout the day. If you do suffer any prolonged pain you should of course seek help, but no-one should be alarmed by this warning or change the cut of their jeans.”

(Photo by elzoh via Flickr)