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Sleep Literally Anywhere with this Genius Inflatable Hoodie

Whether you are a tiny cranky infant, sleep deprived student or actually suffer from narcolepsy, everyone could benefit from a good midday nap. The Hypnos Hoodie could be the solution to combating your long and tiresome days.

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The Hypnos Hoodie is an inflatable sweatshirt that brilliantly turns any situation into a one way ticket to dreamland. With a few puffs of air into a small tab located on the inside of the hoodie, you can inflate a modest yet comfortable pillow to rest your weary head.



The Kickstarter project is in its final days of accepting backers and you can contribute $49 to get your hands on a preorder of this genius clothing/napping hybrid. If you’re a frequent traveler and would rather not rest your head on a grimy airport pillow, the Hypnos Hoodie is a pretty dreamy option.


Speaking of hoodies and sweaters, watch: Beach House perform Weezer’s “Sweater Song.”

(Photo by Hypnos via Kickstarter)

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