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Sloppy Jane signs to Phoebe Bridgers’ label Saddest Factory, shares video for ‘Party Anthem’

Sloppy Jane has signed to Phoebe Bridgers’ label Saddest Factory. In celebration of the announcement, they’ve shared a video for their new single “Party Anthem.”

Sloppy Jane and Phoebe Bridgers go way back. In fact, Bridgers used to play bass in the band and frontwoman Haley Dahl has joined Bridgers on stage at many shows. Now, Dahl and co. will be joining Bridgers once again to release their new album, Madison, out on November 5th. Sloppy Jane recorded the album from inside of the Lost World Caverns in West Virginia. These caves added a distinct sound to the forthcoming project. Today’s preview is a sweeping, orchestral tune that sets the tone for Madison.

“Phoebe and I made friends in high school when I was goth and didn’t bathe and she wore dresses with little bicycles on them – we mistook each other for cool then, and it lasted,” Dahl explains. “Phoebe is one of my closest friends, and is also someone who has always seen that the things that make my work different are what make it valuable. She played bass in Sloppy Jane. When I was moving to New York I talked about how I wanted to make the band bigger and incorporate chamber instruments, and a lot of people didn’t get what I meant, but Phoebe said, ‘Go get your orchestra.’”

Watch the video for “Party Anthem” below.

“When I started talking about recording in caves, she was one of the few people to really get it immediately and thought it was the coolest thing,” Dahl adds. “To work with someone who has so much personal context and enthusiasm was kind of a no-brainer. The label name ‘Saddest Factory Records’ came from a joke I made on twitter, and I kind of think that’s representative of what my ideal professional trajectory looks like- me and my same friends who understand each other making the same jokes over and over again while our platforms expand.”

Sloppy Jane joined previously signed artists Claud, MUNA, and Charlie Hickey. In fact, Muna just released a video for “Silk Chiffon” via Saddest Factory Records.

“I have never seen an audience more captivated than at a Sloppy Jane show,” Bridgers adds. “Whether it was a house show in Reseda where the opener was a trash fire, or a 2000 seat theatre in New York. They have been my favorite band since I was 16. I am never surprised, and always impressed. I’m glad to live in a world where Haley Dahl wanting to go to a cave to make a record just makes sense. This is already a classic album.”

Check out the tracklist for Madison below.

Madison Tracklist:

01 – “Overture”
02 – “Party Anthem”
03 – “Judy’s Bedroom”
04 – “Bianca Castafiore”
05 – “Lullaby Formica”
06 – “Madison”
07 – “Wilt”
08 – “Wonderama”
09 – “The Constable”
10 – “Epilogue”
Lead photo courtesy of Sara Cath.

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