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Smashing Pumpkins And Smash Mouth Are Beefing It Out Over Shrek

Smash Mouth have an uncanny ability to stay in the news these days, but considering their relationship with the movie turned meme, Shrek, it’s not all that surprising.

Say what you will about Smash Mouth, but Shrek wouldn’t be the same without their smash mall ska cover of The Monkee’s “I’m A Believer,” that brings the movie to a joyous, lighthearted close. However, as we learned this week, the film could have ended on a much darker note.

Billy Corgan has been frequently answering fan questions on Instagram lately, and took time to respond to one inquiry about the hit Dreamworks film. As reported by Exclaim!, someone asked Corgan “Have you ever seen the hit movie Shrek?” to which he narrowly avoided the question with a mind-blowing fact that (if true) could have changed the course of human history. “SP fact: we were offered the end credit song for Shrek 1 but the offer was withdrawn and given to Smashmouth (who had hit with Monkees song),” Corgan wrote.

It gets weirder.

Another fan followed up, asking what song they would have chosen if Shrek didn’t withdraw, and they had accepted. Billy Corgan said they would have used the song “Untitled,” the last single The Smashing Pumpkins released before the band broke up in 2000.

Now, press play on the song below, and just try to picture Shrek and Donkey locking eyes as they head home to the swamp while the lyrics call out “Turn me on, hear me speak / Let me be what i need / You’re enough for me.” It’s just the onions, man.

Smash Mouth took time to respond to Exclaim! wrier Josiah Hughes, who asked for the band’s thoughts on Corgan’s claim. They have some opposing thoughts:

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