Snoop Dogg Loves Canada But Hates Its Borders

He is sick of being hassled at Canadian borders.

Snoop Dogg visited Vancouver a few days ago and was stopped by agents at the Canadian border, presumably about weed.

After visiting Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside he was confused why he got hassled, when they are passing out needles in alleyways for people to use intravenous drugs safely.

“Y’all need to raise up off me, Canada,” Snoop said in his Instagram video. “Ya’ll need to just walk me through and stop taking me back into that fucking customs office.”

He posted this video:

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“I can’t believe these motherfuckers be sweating us at the fucking border and they got an alley where they pass out needles for people to do heroin at,” Snoop said.

Vancouver provides safe and supervised injection sites, where drugs addicts can inject drugs under the watch of healthcare professionals. The Insite program aims to reduce the number of overdose deaths, provide a safe environment for drug injection, reduce transmission of HIV and Hep B, and provide people with contact with health care professionals and social workers.

Though it seems Snoop doesn’t quite agree with the program, he can’t deny his love for Canada, — specifically Canadian weed. Just earlier this year he signed a deal with Tweed, Canada’s largest marijuana producer. The photo below says it all:

Much love to you too, Snoop.