Snoop Dogg is Finally Narrating his Own Nature Show: ‘Planet Snoop’

You asked, Snoop answered.

Last year the world received something we didn’t even know we needed – Snoop Dogg narrating Planet Earth clips (thanks, Jimmy Kimmel!). Once exposed to this greatness, the internet demanded more. A real petition called “Get Snoop Dogg to Narrate a Whole Season of Planet Earth” was created and signed over 65,000 times. And “Planet Snoop” was born.


Watch the first episode in the player above.


The series premiered on Snoop’s cannabis pop culture site, Merry Jane, saying:

Welcome to Planet Snoop a MERRY JANE original series where everyone’s favorite nature-documentary narrator Snoop Dogg brings his wild commentary to the craziest viral videos on the web.

Want more? Here are all of the “Plizzanet Earth” clips: